Muesli with F.Dried Yogurt, Fruits & Nuts (Free Freeze Dried Banana 20g)

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Brands ALOR

Content: 300g

A Mood-Boosting Kick Start with ALOR Muesli ! 

Make a Healthy Breakfast Bowl in the blink of an eye ! Our muesli is made from natural ingredients , 100% pure freeze dried fruits , freeze dried yogurts , seeds & nuts - perfectly fits what you need for a nutritious breakfast

ALOR Muesli can be served with cold milk, yogurt or used as an ingredient in recipes for Bircher muesli  , muesli parfaits, smoothies toppings or any other creative recipes of your own !

Ingredients :

Rolled oats, freeze dried yogurt cubes ,various freeze dried fruits, seeds and nuts 

*Certified HALAL by Jakim*

*High in Fibre*

*Trans fat FREE*

*Cholesterol FREE*

*NO Added Sugar*


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