DKE Pure Goat's Milk Powder (Imported from The Netherlands)

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Brands DKE

Content: 18g x 15 sachets


Goat’s Milk, the Best Substitute for Breast Milk:


·       Help boost body immune system, enhance general health.

·       Easy to digest as it is naturally homogenized.

·       Alkaline in nature, helps to avoid stomach diseases , gastric, ulcer and other gastrointestinal problems.

·       Help enhance  digestion system and smoothen bowel functions.

·       Help increase alertness, concentration and brain rebuilding.

·       Contain enzymes, vitamins and minerals to control cholesterol metabolism & blood sugar level.

·       Provide essential minerals to help maintain blood pressure and heart functions.

·       Help strengthen body mass (bones, teeth, joints, skin, tissues & nerves)

·       Help restore energy and regenerating cells, delay aging.

·       Help improve insomnia problem.

Suitable for all ages ( excluding infants below one year old) .

             Suitable for those allergic to cow’s milk.


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